Chimney Removal or Closing Can Save You Stress & Money
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Chimney Flue Closing For Chimneys No Longer In Use

Chimney Removal or Closing Can Save You Money.

Many homeowners in Rochester, Buffalo, and surrounding Northwest New York townships are choosing modern heating appliances with a venting system that no longer needs a chimney, so what do you do? You have this gaping hole in your house made of brick that requires annual maintenance even though you are no longer using it!

Ignoring chimney maintenance isn’t an option. That’s because it will just continue to deteriorate. Bricks and mortar will decay, leading to cracking, flaking, and spalling brick. As the stack continues its decline, you will have water leaks sprouting throughout the house! This could lead to wood rot in the wood-framed chase, attic, roof deck, and roof. In addition, the moisture and humidity in an unused or neglected flue are breeding grounds for mold, mildew, and pests. Eventually, the chimney will succumb to structural issues resulting in a partial or complete collapse that can cause extensive damage to your house.

How to Close Off a Chimney Permanently

Felgemacher Masonry + Chimney can close off your flue or remove the chimney down to the roofline. Then, we will restore the area where the chimney once stood. With locations in Buffalo and Rochester, NY, our Certified Chimney Professionals provide prompt, reliable, and efficient chimney services in communities throughout the Genesee Valley and Northwest New York.

Closing the Flue (Temporarily or Permanently)

Sometimes, customers prefer to keep their chimney but want to close the flue. This can be an excellent option if you decide to install a new masonry or manufactured wood-burning or gas fireplace that will require a chimney in the future.

Masonry Chimney Removal in Rochester NY

Or, you plan to sell the house in the future and want to make the home more marketable to prospective buyers with the option of unblocking the flue.

Also, customers in older homes can benefit from temporarily closing the flue during the warmer months to improve energy efficiency and reduce cooling costs. Then unblock the flue when cooler weather arrives to enjoy their gas or wood-burning fireplace.

Whether you want a temporary or permanent solution, the certified pros at Felgemacher Masonry and Chimney will inspect your chimney and recommend the option for your northwest New York home.

Chimney Brick Removal in Buffalo NY

Why Remove or Close the Chimney?

There are many advantages to removing or closing the chimney:

  • Improves curb appeal.
  • Increases home value.
  • Reduces or eliminates the expense of chimney maintenance & flue sweeping.
  • Conserves energy.
  • Save money on year-round heating & cooling costs.

Chimney Removal or Closing in Northwest New York

We’re in your neighborhood. With locations in Buffalo and Rochester, NY, our trained and certified chimney and masonry professionals serve a wide area of Northwest New York.