Techniques for Sustaining a Cozy Hearth Throughout the Evening
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Techniques for Sustaining a Cozy Hearth All Night

The cool nights are upon us. You’ve waited all summer for the coolness of fall so you can start a fire. Here are some refreshers on what you need to do to burn the most efficient and sustainable fire. Experts suggest building your fire from the top down or the top-down method. We will talk about this method further down in the blog.

Wood Burning Fireplace Tips in North Buffalo NYWhat Do I Need To Know To Keep My Fire Going All Evening?

  • Wood – If you have owned a fireplace for some time, you know that the best wood to burn is well-seasoned and hardwood. Well-seasoned wood has dried for at least 6 months to up to a year. You will have a cleaner fire if your wood is seasoned. This will also prevent the excessive build-up of creosote.
  • Matches – Long stick matches are best. You don’t want to get too close to the fire when starting it.
  • Firestarter – Such as newspaper so you have an easy fire start.
  • Kindling – Small pieces of wood to start the first wood on fire. This too should be well-seasoned. You can cut small shivers of wood about an inch thick for the kindling. You can also buy from your local firewood distributor.

Now that you have all the tools needed to get your fire started, let’s talk about the process of making the fire.

Prepping Is Important

You will want to start by cleaning out the firebox of your traditional wood burning chimney, wood burning stove, or fireplace insert. Be sure that the embers are cold. Use a metal bucket and shovel. Cleaning out the firebox will allow for a cleaner fire.

It’s important to make sure your flue is open.

Prime the Flue

This allows the cool air to escape and let warmer air into the chimney. This process will help prevent smoke from coming into the home. Roll up some newspaper and light it while holding it up the chimney. Once the smoke is going up the chimney you are now safe to light the fire.

Building The Fire

The top-down method of building a fire.

  • Lay your largest logs on the grates.
  • Place smaller logs in the opposite direction.
  • Add the kindling.
  • On top of the kindling, you will add the firestarter.
  • Light the firestarter.

Top-down fires burn with less smoke. They also tend to burn brighter from the beginning. Experts claim that the top-down method requires less maintenance. This is compared to your typical fire from the bottom up. You are building a solid foundation with the larger pieces of wood. Give this method a try. Experts estimate that this fire can burn for 8 to 10 hours.

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