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Get Your Chimney Cleaned & Inspected Before Fall

Here in the Greater Buffalo and Rochester, NY area, we know a thing or two about cold weather and the lake-effect snow that blankets rooftops. And when temperatures drop, many of us light our fireplaces and stoves to stay warm. However, starting a fire without a chimney inspection can be dangerous. Since the season’s first snowflakes often occur in October or November, and even as early as September, ensuring your chimney is cleaned and inspected before fall is essential. 

Chimney sweep in Grand Island NYLast Chance Before Peak Demand

As the weather cools down and folks start using their fireplaces more often, chimney cleaning and inspection services become more in demand. Scheduling your inspection and cleaning earlier will give you more convenient scheduling options and more time to make any recommended repairs before cold weather sets in. This is why scheduling your chimney cleaning and inspection before fall is a good idea.

Remove Flammable Creosote

Your chimney likely has a thick, black, tar-like substance called creosote. It’s a volatile organic compound that is created naturally during combustion. Creosote is highly flammable when it builds up over time, increasing the likelihood of a devastating chimney fire. Our Certified Chimney Professionals have the training to remove this dangerous material without damaging your chimney, vents, and attached heating appliances to prevent a fire that can cause considerable damage to your home.

Evict Small Animals

Small animals, such as squirrels, birds, and bats, flying across Lake Erie and Lake Ontario often enter nearby chimneys. Once inside this warm and cozy retreat, they build nests and leave behind droppings, clogging the vent and creating a fire hazard. Removing these and other obstructions is essential for preventing a dangerous and unpleasant backdraft that pushes smoke, soot, and other hot, toxic materials into your living area.

Replace Rusting/Worn Components

Chimney components, such as the chimney cap, flue liner, and damper, eventually rust and naturally deteriorate due to normal wear. This can create gaps or holes in the chimney, allowing smoke and gases to leak into the home. Also, precipitation can leak through these gaps, causing more severe damage to chimney components and the structure. Rodents, including mice and rats, can squeeze through tiny holes in the chimney and scurry around your house.

Professional chimney services in lancaster nyEnsure the Chimney Is Structurally Sound

An annual inspection can reveal several common chimney problems, such as crown and flue liner cracks, warped damper, rusted flashing, and masonry damage. Catching these problems as soon as possible is the key to avoiding costly repairs later. Also, masonry damage that is not repaired can lead to structural issues that may require rebuilding to prevent a partial or complete collapse.

Professional Chimney Cleaning & Inspection Services in Erie County, NY

We’re in your neighborhood! So, if you have a fireplace, insert, or stove, having your chimney cleaned and inspected before fall is vital. Doing so can reduce the risk of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.

So, call Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney’s certified professionals at (716) 452-9156 in Buffalo or (585) 684-7197 in Rochester to schedule a visit with a Certified Chimney Sweep® today! You can also contact us online.