5 Common Reasons Why Your Chimney Could Be Leaking
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Why Would My Chimney Be Leaking?

leaky chimney maintenance in Williamsville, NYThere are five main reasons that your chimney is leaking. During your annual inspection our technician will check these five reasons. If they come out with a clean record, then most likely your leak is coming from somewhere else such as your roof. You will want to contact a contractor who specializes in roof repair.

Where Will the Leak Come From?

  • Crack in the crown. The crown sits at the top of the chimney. If there is a crack in it, there can be water leaking from the top. If cracks aren’t taken care of in a timely manner they may grow over time. The longer you wait the more severe the damage can be. 
  • Water from the top of the chimney. This is common and probably the biggest reason you are getting water in your chimney. The chimney cap is constructed to keep water out of your chimney. The cap also keeps your chimney secure from other objects such as debris and animals. Chances are the Chimney cap is cracked. The cap is made of cement. If there is a crack, water can leak into the chimney.
  • Condensation from the inside of your chimney can cause leakage. Often, this is a problem when the liner used is not the correct size or material. Instead of the moisture leaving the chimney it causes condensation and leaks. A new liner should correct this problem.
  • Chimney Flashing. Watch for a discolored roof. This is a sign that there is leakage. It may be coming from the flashing. The chimney flashing sits around the bottom of the chimney where it joins the roof. It is there to ensure that water doesn’t seep in and into the chimney.  
  • Leaking bricks. Bricks are quite pores. Over years the bricks may start to absorb water and break down. Periodic waterproofing can help this. If your chimney tends to be in the shade most of the day, the chances of the sun hitting it is slim. When the bricks get wet they need the sunlight to be able to dry out. If the bricks remain wet for a long period of time they will break down and become weak. 

leaky chimney maintenance in Williamsville, NYAt Felgemacher Masonry we will be able to confirm if in fact the leak is or is not coming from the chimney. 

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A clean chimney is a safe chimney, and we’ll keep yours as safe and efficient as it can be. Our owners are certified through the Chimney Safety Institute of America – a stringent industry certification held by only the best sweeps in the U.S. We remove flammable creosote from chimney flues, reducing the chance of a chimney fire. We also remove debris and obstructions that could hamper the drafting of smoke and carbon monoxide.