How Can I Remove Bees From My Chimney And Keep Them Out?
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Bees In Your Chimney?

Throughout the warmer months, such as spring and summer, bees are more active, and your chimney may become their new favorite hangout. Any openings in your chimney could be an entryway for these buzzy little critters, including the cap or cracks in the masonry. 

removing bees from your chimney in Cheektowaga NYPrevention is Key

Much like any other chimney trouble, preventing the bees from entering your chimney in the first place is our best advice. Keeping up with maintenance, such as repairing or replacing any damaged chimney components, will help you avoid a bee infestation. A high-quality, durable chimney cap can help stop them from getting in as well as repair cracks and gaps in your chimney’s masonry. 

Prevention is the best method of dealing with bees in the chimney, but what can you do if they’ve already made a home for themselves inside your chimney?

DIY Removal

Agitated bees can be very dangerous, and no one likes being kicked out. If you attempt to remove the bees yourself, you put yourself at serious risk of being stung by the swarm, which can be lethal for anyone allergic and will still be very painful.

As for killing the bees, any insecticide or extermination attempt could create more aggressive bees as they try to escape the poison. Aside from your own risk, bees are vital to our environment, and killing them is not recommended. A professional can safely remove the colony without harming you or them in the process.

Lighting a Fire

Many people’s first idea may be to light a fire to drive the bees away with the smoke, and while this may work temporarily, it is not recommended. Not only will the bees return once the fire has been put out, but beeswax is flammable and can create issues in your chimneys masonry.

Now that we’ve covered the methods you should avoid let’s talk about how to handle a bee infestation.

Closing Your Damper

As long as your damper is functioning correctly, closing the damper will ensure that the bees don’t have access to your home. However, if there are any gaps when your damper is closed, the bees may be attracted to the light and enter your space through the gaps.

Call in a Professional

A professional beekeeper is the most effective and humane way to handle a bee problem in your chimney. A certified beekeeper will have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to safely remove the bees from your chimney and relocate them. In cases where a safe removal is not possible, extermination by a professional may be necessary, however it is encouraged to consult with a beekeeper before choosing to exterminate.

professional chimney cleaning in buffalo NYSchedule a Chimney Cleaning

Once the bees have been successfully removed from your chimney it is important to schedule a cleaning to remove any lingering smell from honey made by the bees. If there is any trace of this left behind it is likely to attract other small critters to your chimney, creating another blockage issue as these animals are at risk of getting stuck inside your chimney.

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