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Chimney Rebuilding In Rochester, NY

The weather in Rochester, NY gradually accelerates your beautiful masonry chimney’s deterioration. Even though everything may appear to be in good working order, there may be portions of the chimney that are so severely compromised that it needs immediate chimney repair or rebuilding to prevent a partial or complete structural collapse. With more than 60 years of masonry excellence, homeowners in Greater Rochester, NY trust the experts at Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney for top-notch chimney rebuilding and masonry repair services.

Chimney rebuilding, Rochester NYWhen Your Rochester, NY Chimney Needs Rebuilding

Most homes throughout Monroe County communities have chimneys built on an external wall and sealed with chimney flashing to prevent water leaks. However, when there is severe masonry damage like spalling, missing bricks and mortar, or even a lightning strike that destroys a large section of the crown, chimney rebuilding may be necessary to prevent further damage. A partial or complete chimney collapse could cause severe damage to your roof, siding, walls, and ceiling.

Two types of chimney rebuilding:

A partial rebuild:

We typically recommend a partial rebuild when masonry damage is limited to the upper portion of the chimney, like the chimney crown. This will save the chimney (and your home) from a complete structural collapse.

Complete rebuild:

When there is severe masonry damage or other structural issues, completely rebuilding the chimney is often the best way to allow you to enjoy using your fireplace or heating stove safely. Our skilled masonry experts will tear down the old structure, save as many components as possible, and rebuild a safe, efficient, and gorgeous chimney that will enhance your home’s exterior.

Other Chimney Rebuilding and Masonry Services

In addition to partial, crown, and complete chimney rebuilds, Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney of Rochester offers many other chimney rebuilding and repair services to restore your existing chimney.

Smoke chamber parging:

Many older homes in the Rochester Metropolitan area have smoke chambers built with corbeled brick. Since corbeled brick increases creosote build-up and fire hazards, smoke chambers should be parged smooth. The process seals gaps in the joints where water leaks commonly occur, improves draft and heating efficiency, and reduces fire risk.


Do you have a few gaps in the mortar joints? Are your bricks in good shape?

Tuckpointing may be just what your chimney needs to restore its structural integrity in situations like this. Our skilled mason uses this technique to scoop out the decaying mortar in the joints and fill the gaps with a new, durable mortar compound.


Repointing is like tuckpointing, but the mortar compound is color-matched to the untouched areas of the chimney. It restores your chimney’s structural integrity with a beautiful like-new appearance as if the damage never happened.

Masonry Repair, Rochester NY

Chimney Rebuilding & Masonry Services in Greater Rochester

Owner-certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America, National Chimney Safety Guild, and National Fireplace Institute, Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney has earned coveted credentials from the nation’s most respected organizations in the industry.

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