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Fireplace Inserts & Stoves In Rochester, NY


New Fireplaces Inserts & Stoves in Rochester, NY

With rising energy prices, many folks in Rochester and surrounding communities are installing new energy-efficient fireplaces inserts and stoves to beat higher home heating costs. So, whether you have central heating, an inefficient masonry fireplace, or want to upgrade your indoor or outdoor living space, Felgemacher Fireplace & Masonry of Rochester will help you select the best heating appliance for your lifestyle and budget.

Gas & Wood-Burning Fireplaces Are More Energy Efficient

So, what do you do with an outdated masonry fireplace that isn’t sufficiently heating your home? You install a gas or wood-burning fireplace insert, of course. A conventional fireplace loses up to 85% of the heat up the chimney.

A fireplace insert is a manufactured appliance that slides into your existing firebox. Its closed combustion system distributes up to 90% of the wood or gas fuel consumed as heat throughout your living space. Depending on its size, it can efficiently heat up to a 3000-square-foot living space.

That’s plenty of heat for most Rochester area homes. Felgemacher is a factory-authorized dealer and installer for top-rated fireplace inserts from America’s leading brands like Enviro, Pacific Energy, and SimpliFire®.

Gas Fireplace Insert Install, Rochester NY

Why More Homeowners are Buying & Installing Fireplace Inserts

  • More affordable than remodeling older or outdated fireplaces.
  • Straightforward installation requires no chimney modifications.
  • Significantly increases energy efficiency and reduces winter heating costs.
  • Perfect for primary, supplementary, or zone heating.
  • Safer and easier to use with less pollution and maintenance.
  • The adjustable thermostat maintains the desired temperature.
  • It can be installed in practically any room, even on the patio!

Modern Wood & Gas Heating Stoves Are Making a Comeback in Rochester

Wood & gas heating stoves are back in vogue in the Greater Rochester area for many reasons. Modern heating stoves are economical, energy-efficient, and available in many trendy styles, from rustic to contemporary. Plus, a freestanding wood or gas-heating stove can be installed in practically any room and doesn’t take up much space. In addition, a large glass window provides a spectacular fire show while keeping your home warm and cozy. Since heating stoves are affordable, many Rochester customers install them upstairs and downstairs for zone heating. This way, they save energy by not heating empty rooms. When we show customers our fantastic selection of these modern, energy-efficient appliances, they are pleasantly surprised to learn how easy they are to use and maintain.

Why a Heating Stove Just May Be the Perfect Fit for Your Home

  • It continues to heat your Rochester home during power outages.
  • More eco-friendly, and wood is a carbon-neutral, sustainable fuel.
  • A variety of sizes and attractive designs complement any home.
  • Affordable zone heating.
  • Includes a vent pipe for easy installation
  • Flexible placement in large or small indoor or outdoor spaces.
  • Gas and wood fuel options.

New Wood Burning Stove, Monroe County

Sales & Installation in Rochester

Are you considering installing a new indoor or outdoor energy-efficient fireplace insert or heating stove for your Rochester home?

With our large selection of energy-efficient gas and wood-burning heating appliances, Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney of Rochester has everything you need to meet your home heating needs. So give us a call, and we will bring our hearth store to your home. Our trained specialists will help you with selection and placement, and our factory-trained technicians provide expert inspections and installations anywhere in the Greater Rochester Metropolitan Area.

When looking top quality fireplace inserts and stoves, please give us a call at  585-308-4914 or you can fill out our online contact form. We are ready to help you with all of your chimney needs!

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