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Get A Professional Fireplace Insert Remodel

A powerful fireplace insert will bring plenty of heat and beauty to your home. Consider a fireplace remodel with a new gas-burning or wood-burning insert professionally installed by experienced technicians. We proudly serve the Greater Rochester metropolitan area and surrounding communities.

If you’ve been thinking that your hearth area is due for an upgrade, and if you’ve been wishing that extra heat could be part of that upgrade, we may have the perfect solution: a beautiful hearth renovation with an efficient gas or wood fireplace insert as the centerpiece.

Rochester NY and Rush NY gas fireplace insert installUpgrade an Outdated Fireplace

Do you have a traditional open masonry fireplace that simply isn’t giving you enough heat to justify its upkeep? This is a common issue many homeowners face.

Masonry fireplaces, while they bring a distinctive ambience to a home, don’t bring all that much heat. Fortunately, you don’t have to have a brand-new fireplace built to solve the heat problem. A powerful new fireplace insert is the answer.

What a Gas or Wood Fireplace Insert Will Do for You

Fireplace inserts are custom-built in a factory and sized to fit into the fireboxes of masonry fireplaces. There’s nothing to construct, nothing to build. Look at some of the benefits:

High heat

Inserts carry heat-efficiency ratings of 70% and even much higher, depending on the model. Masonry fireplaces typically are rated at around 10% to 20%. This percentage tells you how much of the heat produced will be retained to heat your home.

fireplace insert install in Rochester NY and Hilton NY

Lower utility bills

By using a wood or gas insert as supplemental heating, you’ll spend less on your central heating system and lower your monthly bills.

Small or large rooms

Inserts vary in BTU output, making it easy to purchase the ideal appliance for smaller rooms or rooms as large as 3,000 square feet.

Simple venting

Inserts use their own vent pipe. While your existing chimney flue will house the new pipe, the flue itself will not be affected.

Long burns

Gas fireplace inserts provide heat until you turn them off; wood-burning inserts can burn logs for up to five hours before more fuel is needed.

Rochester NY gas log set install

Elegant designs

Both gas, wood, and electric inserts from top manufacturers such as Enviro, Pacific Energy and SimpliFire come in a wide range of exciting designs styles and finishes.

Upgrade Your Fireplace With a Stunning Vented Or Vent-Free Gas Log Set

Felgemacher Fireplace Shop carries a selection of beautiful gas log sets that bear a striking resemblance to real wood logs like Aspen, oak, pine, pecan, driftwood and more. These logs look so real, you may not be able to tell the difference at first. When it comes to gorgeous fires and absolute minimal maintenance and cleaning, it’s hard to beat a new gas log set.

Complete Your Fireplace Remodel With Great Finishing Touches

After you’ve decided on the perfect fireplace insert or realistic gas log set, what else can you do to your hearth area to bring more style and vibrancy to your room? Plenty.

Fireplace surround: Add an eye-catching fireplace surround with faux or custom-built brick, stone, granite or wood.

Fireplace mantel: No fireplace is complete without a handsome mantel for adding portraits, flowers, vases, antiques, kids’ artwork and anything else that grabs you.

Raised hearth: A raised hearth built of sturdy brick is a lovely compliment to any hearth area. Use the hearth for a fireplace tool set, a small log stack and other amenities to truly customize the area.

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Fireplace Insert Installation

After we’ve helped you select the best new insert for your home, the NFI-certified technicians at our field division, Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney, will professionally install it for you. When we perform insert installations, the work is done correctly and safely and in compliance with any local fire-safety or zoning codes.

Fireplace & Chimney Services

Felgemacher offers many fireplace and chimney services including:

  • Qualified chimney sweep
  • Fireplace and chimney inspection
  • Tuckpointing and brick work
  • Chimney rebuilding and chimney removal
  • Chimney liner repair and installation
  • Repair and replacement of chimney caps, ch crowns, flashing, dampers, and chase covers

We would love to help your create the fireplace of your dreams. To schedule a professional fireplace installation or remodel, call us today at 585-308-4914 or fill out our online contact form.

Felgemacher Mason &  Chimney is Rochesters’s top choice for expert fireplace remodeling. We serve the Greater Rochester area, including Hilton NY, Greece NY, Ridgemont NY, Westgate NY, Genesee Junction NY, West Henrietta NY, Rush NY, Honeoye Falls NY, Fishers NY, Victor NY, Fairport NY, Pittsford NY, Webster, NY Irondequoit NY, Spencerport NY, Penfield NY.


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