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CSIA Provider of Chimney Repairs in Rochester, NY

Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney of Rochester is your local owner-certified CSIA provider of professional chimney inspections, cleaning, repairs, and new fireplaces, inserts, and stove installations in communities throughout the Rochester metropolitan area.

Since we’re neighbors, you may see our modern black and white vehicles as our knowledgeable and friendly technicians work in the neighborhood to ensure your neighbor’s chimneys, fireplaces, and stoves are clean and safe.

chimney creosote removal in Rochester, NY and Fishers NY

Some of the standard chimney repairs we perform in Rochester:

  • Masonry repair & tuckpointing
  • A chimney cap or chase cover replacement
  • Chimney crown re-sealing
  • Flue relining
  • Chimney rebuilding

The weather in western New York advances the slow deterioration of masonry and manufactured chimneys. Galvanized chase covers, for example, are vulnerable to rusting. The continuous freeze-thaw cycle causes the brick and mortar to flake, crack, and crumble. The spalling brick and decaying mortar result in gaps in the joints allowing water to enter the chimney system. Over time, this can damage the chimney cap, crown, liner, damper, and interior masonry walls, leading to a partial or complete chimney rebuild when repairs are overlooked.

Chimney Sweeping, Rochester NY and Ridgemont NY

Chimney Sweep

A Chimney Sweep Professional® is an individual who has received specialized training in chimney anatomy. It allows them to safely and accurately inspect, clean, and repair any issue in the chimney system, including vents and attached heating appliances, per National Fire Protection Association industry standards. Our professional chimney sweeps also sell and install fireplaces, inserts, and stoves in compliance with your jurisdiction’s federal, state, and local building and fire safety codes.

Chimney Inspection

Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney of Rochester, Monroe County and national fire safety experts encourage all folks with gas or wood-burning heating appliances to have annual safety chimney and flue inspections.

A chimney inspection performed by our professional chimney sweep is the only way to know whether your chimney, flue, vents, fireplace, insert, and stove are safe to operate.

A chimney inspection is key to reducing health and safety risks. Your chimney sweep will also advise whether cleaning is necessary.

Chimney Liners

During our routine chimney inspections throughout the Greater Rochester area, we often come across chimney liners that have long passed their useful life. When you start to see flakes or pieces of clay material in the firebox, it is a sign that your chimney liner needs repair or relining. The liner plays a crucial role in containing the heat and flames within the flue so it doesn’t cause a house fire. Unfortunately, many house fires start in the chimney due to excessive creosote buildup and damaged chimney liners.

We typically recommend our customers install a UL-listed stainless-steel flue liner. It’s very flexible and is cut to the specific size of your flue, so installation is quick and easy. It will also increase energy efficiency, reduce heating costs, and, more importantly, reduce fire and health hazards. Stainless steel is also naturally water, bacteria, and pest resistant, making it a more durable and longer-lasting solution for your chimney.

Chimney Brick Repairs, Rochester NY and Penfield NYChimney Rebuilding & Masonry

Many folks in the Rochester area have beautiful, original masonry fireplaces with rich, hand-carved woodwork. Unfortunately, many homeowners cannot use their fireplaces because their chimney is unsafe due to spalling and missing bricks or leaning.

Whether your chimney needs extensive masonry repair or complete rebuilding, Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney has over 60 years of experience to bring to your project.

Our skilled and talented masons will restore your chimney to its original splendor so that you can enjoy the warmth of your hearth again.

We can also install an energy-efficient fireplace insert that will increase heating efficiency by over 300%, substantially reducing winter heating costs.

New Fireplaces, Inserts, and Stoves – Sales & Installation

Did you know that Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney has one of the area’s largest selections of energy-efficient fireplaces, inserts, and stoves? Our black and white service vehicles are like having a showroom on wheels. So give us a call, and we’ll come to your home or office and help you select the best appliance that will meet your indoor or outdoor home heating needs, lifestyle, and budget.

Chimney Repairs Near Me

Homeowners in Rochester Metropolitan communities know they can count on the trained and friendly local Chimney Repair experts of Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney of Rochester.

When you need professional chimney inspections, cleanings, repairs, sales, or installation of new gas or wood-burning indoor and outdoor heating appliances, contact us today, at 585-308-4914 or fill out our online contact form to schedule an appointment with an experienced chimney professional.

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