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Why Spring Is the Ideal Time to Have Your Chimney Swept

Most chimney professionals will tell you that spring is the best time to schedule chimney sweeping. The process of deduction brings us to that conclusion:

  • Summer’s a busy time with vacations and the kids home from school
  • In the fall, chimney crews are usually booked solid
  • Winter can be tricky for non-emergency chimney work, particularly when the weather doesn’t cooperate
  • Spring is what’s left, and it’s the perfect time

chimney cleaning services in buffalo NYFelgemacher Fireplace Shop of Buffalo, NY, would like to tell you a little more about why spring is the ideal time to have your chimney swept.

Chimney Sweeping 101

Chimney sweeping involves using a variety of specialized tools and equipment to clean the inside of a chimney flue. The main target is creosote, which is a highly flammable substance that builds up every time the fireplace is used. Creosote is the #1 cause of chimney fires in the Buffalo and Rochester areas each year.

Chimney cleaning jobs usually include proper inspections by chimney sweeps who know your chimney inside and out.

It’s Smart to Schedule This Work in the Spring

Here’s why.

Summer is too busy

The main reason most people don’t schedule chimney services in the summer is because they don’t want the interruptions. In New York, we enjoy our summers and have all kinds of plans for what we want to accomplish during this extended period of decent weather.

And, as noted above, if you have children, they’re likely home during the summer. This adds to the busyness around the house.

Fall is very busy for chimney companies

Right or wrong, homeowners commonly wait till the “eleventh hour,” i.e., the fall, to have their chimneys cleaned. This means chimney company schedules are packed, and getting someone out to your home can be challenging. On top of that, you’ll often pay more for chimney sweeping in the fall because of the “supply and demand” situation.

Then, if an inspection turns up some needed repair or rebuilding work, getting that scheduled can also be difficult before winter sets in and you need your fireplace all the time.

Winter + chimney work = potential problems

While a chimney technically can be swept during the freezing winter months, other elements of the service often aren’t very easy. Clearing away mountains of snow and layers of ice to perform the cleaning and inspection takes time, and you’ll pay for that time.

If masonry repairs are needed, chimney crews may have to go to a lot of extra trouble to keep the work areas as warm as possible and use a special mortar mix that’s suitable for super-cold weather. You’ll pay for this trouble.

Finally, working on a roof is dangerous in winter conditions. Your chimney technician doesn’t want to get hurt, and you don’t want him or her to get hurt, so this is another reason that chimney sweeping isn’t ideal in the dead of winter.

professional chimney sweeps in Rochester NYSchedule chimney sweeping in the spring and be ready for the cold

Our suggestion after decades in the chimney services business is to get the work done in the spring. Save some money, avoid the hassle and have repair work finished well before winter sets in.

Felgemacher Fireplace Shop sells top-line fireplaces and stoves, and our field division, Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney, handles chimney sweeping, inspections and repairs that your chimney needs to remain safe and efficient.

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