Here Are Ways To Ensure Your Chimney Appointment Runs Smoothly
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How to Prepare Your Home for a Chimney Sweep

chimney sweep appointment, amherst nyIt becomes evident every year that chimney care is essential when thousands of dangerous home fires occur due to dirty chimneys. It is important to know how to prepare your home for a chimney sweep appointment, whether or not you are finicky about your furniture. Qualified chimney sweeps are dedicated to keeping homes clean and tidy while performing messy chimney services. Mishaps of all kinds can be avoided when you prepare for chimney sweep visits.

Cool Down the Fireplace

When chimney sweeps are performing chimney inspections and cleaning, the fireplace and chimney masonry must be cool to the touch. It generally takes 24 to 48 hours for interior masonry to cool down from a fire. Ashes in the firebox should not contain hot embers. It is not necessary to remove the ashes because the chimney sweep will do that for you.

Clear Out the Firebox & Surround

Before the arrival of the chimney sweep, empty the firebox of any items inside. Remove logs, the fireplace grate, and fireplace tools. Decorative elements around the hearth should also be removed.

Put Away Mantel Decor

It is possible for items on the mantel to be disturbed, broken, or damaged while the chimney sweep is cleaning and/or inspecting your fireplace and chimney. Remove mantel decor, especially delicate items and anything with sentimental value.

Make a Pathway

Chimney sweeps have special vacuums and different tools used to provide chimney services. Tools of the trade can be bulky and contain traces of soot from previous jobs. Create a clear pathway from the entrance of your home to the fireplace. Clearing a path could also help to avoid an accident that results in injury or damaged furnishings.

The chimney sweep will need access to a standard electrical outlet, and it is fine to provide access via an extension cord if the outlet is not closeby.

Protect Upholstery

Small amounts of soot and creosote can enter the home, even when the greatest of care is exercised during chimney cleaning. Another important way to prepare your home for a chimney sweep appointment is to cover nearby upholstered furniture with blankets, sheets, or towels.

Protect Kids and Pets

Schedule a chimney cleaning to remove toxic substances like creosote & soot from flue lining. For the protection of children and pets, keep them away from the area while a chimney sweep is cleaning or inspecting the chimney.

signs of a leaky chimney, webster nyReport Chimney and Fireplace Problems

Be ready to let the chimney sweep professional know of any issues you’ve been having with your fireplace and chimney. Smoky chimneys can be a sign of a chimney obstruction, for example. Leaky chimneys and foul odors are common problems. CSIA-certified chimney technicians can determine the causes of various issues and whether anything needs immediate attention.

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