Cold Drafts In Your Fireplace? Here's What Could Be Causing It!
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Ways to Identify and Seal Chimney Drafts

Cold air coming from your fireplace can be an issue for several reasons. For one, your fireplace is meant to provide warmth and, with draft issues, that lasting heat is compromised making an already high energy cost even higher. Another reason you should look further into cold drafts is because it could be a sign that a component in your chimney may be damaged or missing.

inspecting chimney for cracks in Williamsville, NYIdentifying the Draft

There are a few ways to check your fireplace for a draft. One way is by simply feeling while your fireplace is not in use. Another test is to light a candle or incense, hold it near your fireplace’s opening, and observe the smoke or flame. If the smoke or flame flickers or move, you’ll be able to identify the presence of a draft. Once you’ve identified a draft, you may be able to decipher where the draft is coming from as well as the proper solution.

Possible Causes of a Draft

A Malfunctioning Chimney Damper

Be sure to check if your chimney damper is closed when the fireplace is not in use. Your damper is meant to stop those pesky drafts, but if it is broken, missing or compromised in any way it can invite the cold air from outside into your space.

Cracks in the Brick or Mortar

If you’ve ruled out a malfunctioning damper, it could be an issue with the structure of your chimney. Cracks or gaps in the masonry can create a cold draft in your chimney.

Broken or Missing Chimney Cap

Your chimney caps main job is to protect against moisture, animals, and debris. However, chimney caps also offer a solution for pesky drafts in your fireplace. 

Solutions for Chimney Drafts

Replace Damaged Chimney Components

Whether minor or major, repairing damaged chimney components such as the damper, cap or masonry can fix cold drafts in your fireplace. If you’ve identified the issue or need assistance with finding the culprit, hire a professional chimney sweep to do an inspection and make any necessary repairs.

Install Fireplace Doors

Fireplace doors are an excellent solution for cold air drafts. They can help to minimize the draft entering your room and maintain the heat in your fireplace. Fireplace doors come in tons of styles allowing you to choose an option that best suits your personal style, improving efficiency while adding a bit of flair to your fireplace.

Insulate Your Chimney

Proper chimney insulation can improve fireplace efficiency and reduce heat loss in your chimney.

fireplace and chimney inspections in Rochester, NY

Regular Maintenance

Keeping up with annual chimney and fireplace maintenance will ensure that every component of your system is in good working condition. Yearly cleanings and inspections are recommended by the professionals to provide a safer and more efficient fireside experience.

Felgemacher can fix your chimney drafts

Cold drafts coming from your once cozy fireplace? Fix your chilly troubles today. Our team of experienced chimney experts can provide professional inspections, cleanings, and repairs. For a chimney service you can rely on, give us a call today at 716-321-2250 or fill out our online contact form.