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Fall Inspiration For Your Fireplace

One of the best things about decorating a fireplace for fall is that it’s like having a blank canvas to work with. Here in Buffalo and Western New York, we’re surrounded by the beautiful fall colors of the season. So, plenty of natural elements like branches, leaves, and pumpkins are available for picking. Or you can go with a more traditional look with fall-themed wreaths and garlands. No matter your choice, you will create a stunning display that will add a touch of fall to your home. Here are a few inspiring ideas for your fireplace to get you started:

fall decor ideas for your fireplace in Pittsford, NYCreate a Pumpkin Vignette

There is nothing more that says fall than a pumpkin. Pumpkins come in an array of sizes, exciting shapes, and colors, making them the perfect ensemble for your fall scenery. I like to gather several pumpkins in a couple of different sizes and colors. I place one giant pumpkin on both sides of the fireplace, while smaller ones are ideal for the mantel. For a touch of elegance, tie a burlap ribbon around the pumpkins. 

Make a Fall Wreath

Wreaths are a classic way to decorate your fireplace, and they are a perfect complement to pumpkins. Make your own wreath using natural materials like branches, leaves, and berries for a fun project. You may even find them in your yard. Of course, you can also buy a pre-made wreath and add your personal touch.

Drape a Garland Down the Fireplace

Now that you’re in the fall mood, why not add a garland? They add a festive touch to your decorated fireplace. You can hang a wreath across the mantel or drape it down the sides of the fireplace. You will find fall garlands in various colors and styles all over western New York, so you’ll find one that fits your home décor.

Hang a Mirror Above the Mantel

Hanging a mirror above the mantel is a simple yet elegant way to give your fireplace the look of a modern or rustic fall ambiance. Plus, it makes smaller rooms feel more spacious.

fireplace maintenance in Tonawanda NYAdd a Fall-Scented Candle

Complete your fall fireplace scene with a scented candle. The calm, soothing, inviting fall scents will fill the air of your inspiring fireplace décor. Choose a candle with your favorite fall scents, such as pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon, or maple leaf.

While warming up that delicious pumpkin pie in the oven, here are a few more creative ideas for decorating your fireplace this fall:

  • Create a focal point. Every fireplace needs a focal point. It could be a piece of art, a mirror, or even a sizeable fall-scented candle. Placing it above the fireplace mantel draws the eye, creating balance.
  • Go natural. Bring the outdoors inside with natural elements like branches, leaves, and pumpkins. Or place a few pumpkins around the hearth for a classic fall look.
  • Use warm colors. Fall is all about warm, inviting hues like deep oranges, browns, and yellows. Incorporate these colors into your fireplace décor with blankets, pillows, and throw rugs. You can also add a pop of color with a fall-themed wreath or garland.
  • Don’t forget the hearth. It is perfect for adding a few finishing touches to your fireplace décor. Add a firewood basket with seasonal items like acorns and pinecones. 

There are numerous ways to decorate your fireplace for fall, regardless of your preferred style. Be imaginative and enjoy the process! Afterward, relax and savor your fall inspiration while indulging in a generous slice of grandma’s pumpkin pie and a steaming cup of coffee by the glowing fire. 

Inspiring Fall Fireplace Designs

Fall is also the perfect time to upgrade an old, inefficient fireplace. From a large selection of energy-efficient electric and gas fireplaces to free-standing stoves and accessories, Felgemacher Fireplace Shop in Cheektowaga, NY, has everything your hearth desires for an awe-inspiring fireplace in time for fall. Call (716) 482-1820 or contact us online to schedule an appointment today!