Common Chimney Damage Caused by Summer Storms
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Common Chimney Storm Damage

It’s expected and normal for chimneys to take some beating from storms. This is especially true if you live in a region where there is a heavy storm season. Both winter and summer storms can cause a lasting impact. Heavy snow and sleet can add weight to your chimney, while fierce summer winds and rain can lead to trees falling on your home or damage to masonry. Let’s take a look at a few clear signs that you’ve experienced chimney damage due to storms.

Chimney Inspection with Damaged Masonry in Pittsford, NYDamaged Masonry

With excessive wind, rain, sleet, or snow, it’s possible that damage can be done to the actual structure of your chimney. Masonry is the stone or brick itself that is kept together with mortar. If you experience a damaging storm, it can speed up the breakdown of your masonry structure. Unfortunately, if there are trees around your home and they fall during the storm, you may have some serious structural damage from that.

Luckily, masonry damage is easily fixable. Depending on the level of damage determines the scope of the project. While some damage may require a complete rebuild, other damage can be spot treated to ensure the structural integrity is back.

Leaks or Water Damage

After a storm with heavy rain, it’s advisable to check around your chimney and roof for any leaks. It can be a small leak that, if left unchecked, can lead to bigger issues. Typically, if a water leak is coming from the chimney it’s due to a damaged cap or mortar. Any area where water can get into the chimney can cause big issues for your chimney as well as costly water damage.

Even if you don’t notice water stains or pooling inside, check your chimney to make sure there is no efflorescence or white deposit on the exterior of the chimney. This is an indication of water drying and evaporating, leaving behind a salt deposit. This is typically due to masonry gaps that is easily fixable.

Damaged Chimney Cap or Crown

Damaging storms can also do a number to chimney pieces found on your roof.

Your chimney cap plays a vital role in keeping water, debris, and animals out of your chimney. If this is damaged or missing, it’s important to replace it for the upkeep of your chimney. It’s typically made of steel or copper mesh and relatively inexpensive to repair or replace.

Chimney Crown Repair in Webster, NYThe chimney crown is made of concrete and built to withstand storms; however, if it is damaged for some reason, then your main line of water protection is missing which is a big problem. If you sense this is the cause of your issues, make sure to call a chimney professional as soon as possible to inspect and repair.

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