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The Best Time To Get Your Chimney Swept

As spring weather is entering the picture and temperatures are rising, your chimney may be the last thing on your mind. Surprisingly, this time of year could offer the best time to schedule your annual chimney sweep. Even though you may be thinking of all of the other spring-cleaning things you need to do, make sure to carve out some time for your chimney so you can enjoy your cozy fires in the winter. Read on to find out a few other benefits you’ll experience by scheduling your annual chimney sweep and inspection this spring.

Chimney, fireplace, and stove cleaning in Rochester-NYBe ready for winter without question

Weather is very unpredictable, so make sure you’re prepared no matter how early you may experience a chilly night. If you wait to complete your annual chimney sweep, inspection, or have unaddressed issues, you’ll be forced to skip that early season fire. On top of this, waiting until the season to schedule your chimney sweep can lead to more delays.

Make sure it’s safe for your home

The more fires you have inside your chimney, the more debris, called creosote, builds up on chimney walls. This by-product poses a higher risk for house fires and unhealthy breathing air. As it builds up, the risk increases. This means that the sooner you clean your chimney after peak fire season, the less risk of potentially unsafe conditions.

Consider chimney workers safety, too

Chimney sweeps require chimney professionals to go on the roof. So, if you hold off too long and happen to schedule your cleaning on a snowy or icy day, there’s a higher safety risk for workers. What does this mean for you? Well, it could result in a cancelled or rescheduled appointment. You may think that snow in small amounts wouldn’t warrant the need for this, but even the smallest amount can lead to slippery and dangerous conditions.

Get first dibs on appointment selection

If it comes at a surprise to you that spring is a good time to schedule your chimney sweep, the same may be true for many other homeowners. If they haven’t made the switch to springtime cleanings, this means you’ll get an advantage when it comes to scheduling and appointment options.

Chimney Inspections in Cheektowaga NYPotentially save some money

One more bonus? You may save some money if you opt for a spring cleaning. While this isn’t always the case, demand can impact prices. Since the biggest demand is in the fall or winter, that has the possibility to drive the cost up. As schedules fill up, demand rises and so do prices at times. In addition, don’t procrastinate scheduling your appointment because the closer you get to the desired scheduling date, the chances that prices raise are higher, too.

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