Why Now Is the Best Time For Chimney Repairs
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Why Now Is the Best Time For Chimney Repairs

With all of the spring and summer activities and excitement, it’s tough to add one more task to your plate. But, did you know that now is actually the best time to schedule and perform any repairs for your chimney or wood burning appliance? Your chimney takes a toll during the winter months warming your home, so it’s possible that some damage may have occurred or, at the very least, some maintenance may be needed.

If you’re unsure if you need masonry repairs, call our expert team at Felgemacher Fireplace. It’s likely time to schedule a cleaning and inspection if you’re questioning the health and structural integrity of your chimney. This is the best move to ensure that you investigate any issues you may have early. An inspection tomorrow may save you money down the road.

Tuckpointing repairs in Rochester NYTwo Common Chimney Spring Fixes

Water damage is likely the biggest threat to the overall well-bring of your chimney. After the thaw of winter, you may see different issues on your chimney that warrants your attention in the spring. When water enters your chimney through cracks, freezes, and defrost you’re likely to see some damage. Two solutions are:

  1. Tuckpointing – more inexpensive of the two, this method scrapes off old masonry and new mortar is added. This process renews your chimney structure and buys you time before a full rebuild.
  2. Masonry Rebuild – if your chimney is a bit too damaged (excessive water damage, several bricks crumbling, etc.), you’re likely in the market for a full rebuild. This is a necessary step to avoid a leaning chimney and inevitable collapse.

Want to avoid these expenses? Below are 3 of the most popular reasons to schedule masonry repairs now:

Tackle Water-Related Chimney Issues Early

In the spring, it’ll be easier to access the damage from this past year’s burning season. If you check for certain issues – especially when it comes to water damage – you may save yourself a full rebuild down the road. It’s best to treat these issues early in the season to avoid more freezing water on the structure.

Be Prepared for The First Storm

When there’s an early or unexpected storm, you want to make sure your fireplace is ready to warm your home. Be proactive with repairs as you never know how early this may happen. The earlier you repair your structure, the sooner you can enjoy your fireplace.

Better Weather Conditions for Repairs

It’s no question that New York winters can be pretty severe. These conditions – sleet, snow, ice – make for dangerous work conditions and inopportune setting temperatures.

Fireplace Installation and repairs in Elmwood Village, Buffalo NYThis means appointments may be rescheduled, further prolonging repairs. Consider avoiding stress and added damage by scheduling your appointments for repair now.

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