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The Benefits of Using a Fireplace Insert in Winter

As Western New York transforms into a beautiful white-capped winter wonderland, the toastiness of home becomes more than just a comfort – it’s a lifeline. With the threat of a Buffalo Blizzard or a Rochester ice storm lurking around the Great Lakes, the thought of a power outage sending chills through your humble abode is enough to make anyone shiver. Let’s dive into the top 5 reasons why a fireplace insert is your ticket to staying warm and cozy in winter.

professional fireplace insert installations in Tonawanda NYIncreased Heat Efficiency

Traditional fireplaces are notorious for sending precious warm air soaring out the chimney. On the other hand, fireplace inserts are closed combustion systems. Encased in a metal or iron firebox, it traps heat inside the insert, converting every log into a furnace-like blast into your living space. 

Fuel Flexibility 

Inserts offer several convenient fuel choices: wood, gas, and pellet. 

  • Wood-burning inserts deliver that classic crackle and campfire aroma. Keeping a fire alive is as easy as inserting another log.
  • Gas inserts provide instant heat with the flick of a switch, and natural gas or propane options provide continuous heating at the desired temperature.
  • Fueled by compressed sawdust, pellet inserts offer eco-friendly warmth with minimal maintenance and up to 24 hours of continuous heat.

No matter your preference, Felgemacher Fireplace Shop has an ideal insert that will fit your masonry fireplace, style, and budget.

Stay Warm – Even Without Power

When the wind howls and the lights go out, your fireplace insert becomes a beacon of comfort, bursting with warmth even when the grid is out. Wood-burning inserts are your ultimate backup plan, while gas inserts with battery-powered ignition options keep the chills at bay. No more living inside a  blanket– your insert will have you basking in balmy bliss even though outdoor temperatures are below freezing.

Safer, More Comfortable

Open fireplaces are pretty charming, but they can also be safety hazards. When sparks are flying, embers escape, and carbon monoxide leaks – increasing the risk of fire and health hazards. Fireplace inserts put an end to these stressful worries. Their sealed combustion chambers contain the fire, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the blaze without hazards. Plus, many inserts feature an optional blower motor to distribute heat evenly, ensuring every corner of your living room is toasty.

Designs to Complement Your Home

From sleek, modern styles to charmingly rustic options, there’s an ideal insert to complement your existing home décor and upgrade your fireplace at the same time.

gas fireplace inserts in Williamsville, NY

Imagine crackling flames dancing behind a glass pane, casting warm shadows and adding a touch of magic to your winter evenings. Plus, fireplace inserts can also be installed on your patio so that you can bring the party to your outdoor living space all year long.

Where to Buy Fireplace Inserts Near Me

So, as the snow falls and the wind whips this winter, don’t let the cold grip your home. Embrace the warmth, efficiency, and safety of a fireplace insert. It’s not just a fireplace upgrade. It’s an investment in winter comfort and peace of mind.

From chimney inspection and cleaning to fireplace inserts and stoves, Felgemacher Fireplace Shop in Buffalo (Cheektowaga), NY, has everything your hearth desires to stay warm this winter. Call (716) 482-1820 or contact us online to schedule an appointment today!