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Osburn 1700


Fuel Type Dry cordwood
Heating Area 500 - 1,800 Ft2
BTU's 65,000 BTU/h (19 kW)

Inside and out, this insert is engineered from high quality materials that put you at the center of a heating experience for many years: high-density bricks, cast iron door and quiet blower for increased durability. Discover the different options to customize the look of your appliance, available in black or brushed nickel plated: door overlays, faceplates and faceplate trims.


  • Regular 29" x 44" Faceplate Kit
  • Large 32" x 50" Faceplate Kit
  • Black Regular Faceplate Trim (29"x44")
  • Brushed Nickel Regular Faceplate Trim (29"x44")