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Why Choose A NFI Pro For Heating Appliance Installations

Now that winter is finally ending, Irondequoit, Tonawanda, and northwestern New York residents can breathe a sigh of relief. Many homeowners are looking forward to a beautiful spring, which often includes making home improvements. And upgrading an existing fireplace or installing a brand-new energy-efficient outdoor fireplace are popular appliances that add value to your home.

These new heating appliances include manufactured fireplaces, fireplace inserts, and heating stoves. Many can be installed on the patio or deck to create a resort-style outdoor living space. They are available in a wide range of stylish designs with convenient features with an impressive fire-burning experience. They are also available in your choice of fuel options like wood, gas, pellet, and electric. However, to ensure your appliance is installed safely and properly without damaging the unit or your home, always choose a certified NFI Pro.

NFI Certified Fireplace Insert Installation in Buffalo NYWhat Does the NFI Certification Mean to Me?

The Hearth, Patio, & Barbecue Education Foundation (HBEF) is an industry-leading organization that educates consumers and those in the trade regarding the safe installation, operation, and maintenance of a variety of outdoor living appliances. Its National Fireplace Institute® (NFI) is a leading credentialing organization that certifies technicians that successfully pass extensive training and exams and participate in continuing education to demonstrate their competencies for safely planning and installing residential heating appliances and venting systems, including fireplaces and stoves.

Which Heating Appliances Should Be Installed By An NFI Pro?

NFI Gas Specialist: Gas fuel appliances require a certain level of expertise due to the volatile characteristics of this combustible fuel source. A Certified NFI Gas Specialist assures homeowners that the professional installing their fireplace, stove, or other gas-burning appliance has the training and skill to install it safely with the correct venting and piping system.

NFI Woodburning Specialist: An NFI Woodburning Specialist is a professional technician who with considerable knowledge and expertise in heat transfer, codes and standards, ventilation, and other skills that are necessary to install a wood-burning hearth appliance safely and efficiently.

NFI Pellet Specialist: The NFI Pellet Specialist is a technician who has earned their certification for safely planning and installing these newer wood-burning heating appliances per the National Fire Protection Association Standards and Codes Rule 211.

NFI Hearth Design Specialist: Many customers wanting to install a new hearth appliance often need help choosing which product best suits their indoor or outdoor home heating needs. An NFI Hearth Design Specialist has received specialized training in installation, service, technical, and safety for gas, pellet, and wood-burning heating appliances. This certified knowledge allows them to recommend the best products that meet client’s needs and budgets.

NFI Fireplace Service Expert in Rochester NY

NFI Master Hearth Professional

Since an NFI Pro may earn more than one certification, the NFI Master Hearth Professional recognizes those highly skilled technicians that have mastered the required training and examinations for certification of each appliance category – gas, wood, and pellet.

NFI Certified Fireplace Pro in Northwestern New York

The Felgemacher Fireplace Shop is northwestern New York’s premier home heating appliance superstore. From fireplace inserts and stoves to inspection, cleaning, and repair, Felgemacher Fireplace Shop in Cheektowaga has everything for your hearth. Call (716) 907-4914 today or contact us online to consult with an NFI Certified Fireplace Pro!