Vented Vs. Ventless Gas Logs: Which is Best for You?
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Vented Vs. Ventless Gas Logs

Now that you have decided to buy a new gas fireplace for your Rochester, NY, area home, you are probably thinking about the joys and convenience that an energy-efficient heating appliance will bring your family. However, when shopping for a new gas fireplace, you will notice two types of gas logs to choose from vented and ventless. Since vented and ventless gas logs are not interchangeable, you must understand the difference to select the best appliance that meets your indoor or outdoor home heating needs.

Vented Gas Logs for Gas Fireplace in North Buffalo NYVented Gas Fireplace Log Set

Vented gas logs closely resemble the traditional wood-burning experience, which is why it is one of the most popular fireplaces in Western New York. Although propane and liquified petroleum (LP) are cleaner burning fuels, they require a chimney or vent to expel the carbon monoxide exhaust from your home.

When you flip the switch or press a button, you will enjoy the warmth of a beautiful roaring fire with instant heat. No more sourcing or stacking wood, having to tend the wood or cleaning out the ashes. What’s more is that the ceramic vented gas log kits are truly impressive in replicating the grains, branches, colors, and patterns of natural wood. Many faux wood log species like Birch, Hickory, Oak, and more are found at the Felgemacher Fireplace Shop.

Ventless Gas Logs

Ventless gas fireplaces are heating solutions that don’t require a chimney or external vent. Since this type of gas-burning appliance vents the carbon monoxide exhaust into the room, it doesn’t require a flue. Instead, a built-in oxygen sensor automatically turns off the gas to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. So, it can function as a primary heating source for small rooms, homes, and condos with sufficient ventilation. It is also an excellent supplemental heating solution for larger indoor or outdoor spaces.

Like vented logs, ventless log sets offer a pleasing fire-burning experience but are less authentic than a vented gas fireplace. However, vent-free logs have a higher heating efficiency, so that’s the trade-off when deciding between the two types of log sets. In addition, Ventless logs are available in various inspiring designs that will give your living space the ambiance of a wood-burning fire without the expense of annual chimney inspections or flue cleaning.

Gas Fireplace Inspections & Cleaning

Whether you choose vented or ventless gas logs, annual safety inspections and cleaning are the keys to keeping your home and family safe while prolonging the lifespan of your heating appliance.

  • Inspect and clean gas log sets.
  • Check for gas leaks.
  • Clean pet hair, dust, and dander that enter the unit.
  • Clean clogged burner ports.
  • Replace worn parts like valves and sensors.
  • Replace cracked or damaged log sets.

Professional Gas Long Installation in Williamsville, NY

Gas Fireplace Logs for Sale in Buffalo – Rochester, NY

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