It's Summer Which Means Your FIreplace is Ready for a Makeover!
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Summer is the Perfect Time for A Fireplace Makeover

After a long cold winter, folks in Buffalo, Rochester, and Western New York look forward to stashing their winter clothes to enjoy the warm, sunny weather. It’s the perfect time for long walks in the park, backyard barbecues, going for a swim, and family picnics. But, of course, summer is also the ideal time for a fireplace makeover.

Fireplace Decor in Buffalo NY

Summer Fireplace Makeover Ideas

So, if you have been thinking about ideas for decorating your hearth, the surround, mantel, and firebox are the perfect places to start. Here are a few inspiring ideas to help get you started:

  • Add the colors of summer with lovely plants and flowers in decorative pots in the fireplace.
  • Enjoy a western theme by neatly stacking wood logs in a crisscross pattern in the firebox.
  • Aromatic candles are another refreshing idea that will fill the air with a beautiful scent.
  • Artificial greenery and flowers are a great way to brighten the space when your fireplace doesn’t get much natural light.
  • Surrounds & Mantels

The fireplace surround and mantel are the visual centerpieces that create the focal point for your fireplace. So, giving your fireplace a brand-new visual appeal is as simple as updating your surround and mantel to reflect the ambiance you desire. For example, if you have a traditional brick masonry fireplace surround and the brick and mortar are in good shape, you can paint the brickwork for a modern appearance. There is an array of stylish colors that are available. Just be sure to use fireplace paint or indoor latex paint with a heat-resistant rating that will withstand the high temperature of your fireplace. You may also find it easier to simply replace the surround with the color, style, material, and finish you desire.

Updating your mantel is like icing on the cake. It gives your hearth the finishing touch that matches your unique taste and home décor. It’s also an ideal spot to display family pictures, collectibles, and other treasures for a cheery summer décor. There are many ways to update your mantel, from staining and refinishing to painting and replacement.

Fireplace Inserts

Summer is also perfect for upgrading your fireplace with an insert. Fireplace inserts are an easy and inexpensive way to update any fireplace with a brand-new appearance. Inserts are a closed combustion system in a fire-resistant steel or metal firebox that fits directly inside the opening of your existing fireplace. Its built-in flue vents through your chimney. EPA-certified fireplace inserts burn cleaner with minimal pollution and are significantly more energy-efficient than a traditional masonry fireplace.

Fireplace inserts in Rochester and Buffalo

In addition, they are available in different fuel options, such as wood, pellet, and gas, making it easy to convert a fireplace from one fuel source to another.

Summer Fireplace Makeovers

The summer is generally the slow season for chimney professionals, making it an excellent time for a fireplace makeover before “old man winter” arrives again.

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