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Ask Yourself These 6 Questions When Choosing a Fireplace for Your Home

Choosing to bring a fireplace into your home is an important decision. You’ll be living with and using the new appliance for many years, so here are six good questions to ask before you start shopping. 1. How much heat do I want from the new fireplace? Zero-clearance fireplaces, which are the type of fireplaces people buy (as opposed to having a Read more

Why a Fireplace in Your Kitchen and Bathroom Makes Sense – Gas or Wood, It’s Your Choice

When you think of a kitchen fireplace or a bathroom fireplace, you may be thinking of a big, roaring, open masonry fireplace filling up these smaller rooms. Fortunately, modern wood and gas fireplaces come in sizes that are ideal for smaller rooms. They’re ultra-convenient, beautiful and very economical. Let’s look at some details. Gas or Read more

7 Reasons You Should Consider a New Gas Fireplace

Everybody loves a fireplace, but not everybody loves a fireplace that performs poorly and requires a lot of time and expense to keep running. If you’re ready for an upgrade from your big, open masonry fireplace and a more comfortable and easy life, here are seven reasons you should take a close look at modern Read more

Fireplace & Stove Upgrades & Remodeling

Spring and summer are great seasons for scheduling a hearth upgrade. Once your fireplace or stove has cooled off after the last burn in winter, spend time getting the fireplace or heating stove setup that you have always wanted. When the cold season comes back around, you will surely thank yourself. Outdated Fireplace Are you Read more

Tips for Starting a Fire

Are you using your fireplace for the first time and are unsure of how to start a fire? Are you having issues with smoke drafting back into your house? Make sure you are following these tips for starting a fire. Prepare your wood properly Before burning firewood. be sure it is properly dried and seasoned. Read more