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It’s Time to Upgrade Your Fireplace

For many homes in Rochester and throughout Western New York, the fireplace is the heart and soul of the living space. It’s where families gather to celebrate the joys of the cold winter season. However, many older homes have fireplaces that are deteriorating and have lost their charm. When you upgrade the fireplace, you can Read more

All About Fireplace Maintenance

Many homes in the Greater Rochester area and Western New York use their fireplaces almost daily during the winter months to stay comfortable during the winter. It’s also very relaxing to sit by a cozy fire while looking at the snow-covered rooftops on a snowy day. While it is vital to have annual chimney inspections Read more

Benefits Of Installing A Gas Log Set In Your Fireplace

There’s something so cozy about a wood-burning fireplace in the winter, especially when it’s snowing outside. Although wood-burning fireplaces are beautiful and can feel very nostalgic, they also require a lot of work to use. Not only does it take time and precision to build a natural fire, but they are also much more difficult Read more

How Long Can You Run a Gas Log Fireplace?

Gas fireplaces are a popular source of home heating. They burn cleaner, are simpler to operate, and are easier to clean and maintain. Now that winter has officially arrived in Buffalo, many folks in Western New York want to know if it is OK to run a gas fireplace all day to keep their homes Read more

Can You Use A Chimney Without A Liner?

As one of the oldest cities in New York, there are older and historic homes in Rochester and throughout Western New York that predate modern building codes and are without a chimney liner. To this day, some of these older homes still have an unlined chimney. Today, however, many building codes require a chimney liner. Read more

It’s Time to Upgrade Your Fireplace

It’s the time of year when families in Williamsville and throughout Western New York look forward to the warmth of the fireplace. The soothing crackling sounds of burning logs in the background comfort those cold wintry days and nights. However, fireplaces are more than a source of heating. They are an essential centerpiece that is Read more

Common Causes of a Smokey Fireplace

Nobody likes smoke filling their house. Worse than smoke is the carbon monoxide carried by smoke. Carbon monoxide can’t be seen or smelled, but it’s known to be potentially fatal when inhaled by people and pets. Felgemacher Fireplace Store of Buffalo, NY, deals with a lot of smoke backup issues for our customers. Here’s what Read more

How to Prepare Your Home for a Chimney Sweep

It becomes evident every year that chimney care is essential when thousands of dangerous home fires occur due to dirty chimneys. It is important to know how to prepare your home for a chimney sweep appointment, whether or not you are finicky about your furniture. Qualified chimney sweeps are dedicated to keeping homes clean and Read more

How to Safely Operate a Gas Fireplace

Knowing how to safely operate a gas fireplace can help to ensure maximum enjoyment of your heating appliance. There are different types of gas fireplaces, but all are convenient and easy to use. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. All types of gas fireplaces need annual maintenance performed by a professional. The following tips can help Read more

Fireplace Safety Tips to Keep You Warm This Winter

Ensuring fireplace safety to peacefully enjoy crackling home fires in winter is part of the yin and yang of life. Fortunately, fireplace safety guidelines are uncomplicated. The following tips will help you to ensure that the winter season includes plenty of cozy fireplace fires safe in your home. Use the Correct Fuel The only type Read more