If You've Been Considering Gas Fuel, A Fireplace Insert Is A Great Option
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Switch from Wood to Gas Fuel With A Fireplace Insert

If you want to switch from wood fuel to gas fuel, a gas fireplace insert makes it easy. There are several great reasons for upgrading your heating appliance with a new gas fireplace insert. Learn details below.

gas fireplace insert, webster nyIncrease Heating Efficiency

Traditional open masonry fireplaces deliver when it comes to creating an irresistible ambiance. As far as home heating goes, however, they are totally lacking in efficiency. In fact, about 90% or more of the heat from fires goes up the chimney. With the installation of a fireplace insert, your masonry fireplace will become an excellent supplemental heat source with up to 75% efficiency or more.

Save Money with Zone Heating

If you have a fireplace insert, the central heating in your home can be turned off at various times as you rely on the insert’s heat. An even better strategy is to install a zero-clearance fireplace insert in each of the main living areas of your home. Also known as ZC fireplaces, zero-clearance fireplaces are safe even in small spaces. It is safe because the appliances can be installed near combustible materials. Then, turn off central heating and only use the fireplace in the room you are in. This is known as “zone heating,” and it significantly reduces heating costs in the winter.

Enjoy Effortless Operation

Most people choose a gas fireplace insert because of the remarkable convenience of the appliance. Gas fireplaces can be turned on and off using a remote control or with the adjustment of a thermostat. Gas fireplaces can also be programmed to turn on and off at specific times. No woodcutting, hauling of wood, and no careful supervision over the flames and hot coals that wood fires produce. There aren’t any ashes to scoop up, either. Instead, you can enjoy the ambiance & warmth of wood fires, hassle-free.

Reduce Emissions

A great way to help protect the environment is by choosing the installation of a gas fireplace insert. Fewer emissions are released with cleaner models of natural gas fireplaces. Particulate matter is reduced to almost nothing. Many local governments support and encourage the use of gas fireplace inserts by offering rebates to homeowners.

No Power, No Problem

During power outages in winter, your home can continue to provide warmth if you have a gas fireplace insert. No electricity is needed to operate gas fireplaces. For models of gas fireplace inserts that use an electronic ignition, ignition packs and/or battery-powered receivers can be used to ensure the fires keep burning when the lights go out.

realistic gas log sets, hamburg nyImprove Home Aesthetics

There are many designs of gas fireplace inserts to choose from, including traditional, contemporary, modern, minimalist, and more. You can choose realistic faux logs, or other options including glass, stone, crystal, and pebbles.

Choose a New Gas Fireplace Insert

Our certified chimney sweeps at Felgemacher Fireplace Shop can help make it easy for you to get in on the benefits of gas fireplace inserts. Visit our shop at 2727 Broadway Suite 5 in Cheektowaga, NY. Stop by or call (716) 482-1820 today for a simple switch from wood fuel to gas fuel with the professional installation of a gas fireplace insert.