An Electric Fireplace Is A Great Option For The Summertime
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Reasons Why Electric Fireplaces are Perfect for Summer

There is nothing better than a glowing fire to set the mood for a relaxing evening or an intimate party. A fireplace insert is a smart investment living in upstate New York. When temperatures drop unexpectedly in the spring and fall, you can use it to zone heat your home instead of turning on your furnace. You can enjoy the ambiance of crackling flames even on a hot summer evening with an electric fireplace.

electric fireplaces, williamsville nyBenefits of an Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces are unique because they don’t burn fuel like gas or wood. You can choose between models that produce heat and those that don’t. A heat-producing electric fireplace operates like a space heater but with a beautiful display that emulates flames. Models that don’t produce heat only have a display. The illusion of fire is created using lights and shadows. Your guests won’t be able to tell they aren’t real flames when they see the display.

If you want to use your fireplace year-round, an electric fireplace is a wise choice. These are the top four reasons to choose an electric fireplace.

Easy Installation

You don’t need to hire an expert and renovate to install an electric fireplace. Since it operates like a space heater, it doesn’t require ventilation or a minimum safe distance from your furniture. All you have to do set it up where you want it and plug it in.

Low Cost

Electric fireplaces are less expensive than gas or wood-burning fireplaces. Running an electric fireplace is also an affordable way to set the mood or zone-heat your home. You will spend only about 9 cents an hour on heating with an electric fireplace. You will pay even less (typically, around 3 cents) to run your electric fireplace without heat.

electric fireplace benefits, pittsford nyTemperature Control

You can decide whether or not you want an electric fireplace that generates heat. If you choose a model that generates heat, you can control the temperature like you would a space heater.

Energy Efficiency

With an electric fireplace, you don’t have to worry about losing heat up the chimney. Electric fireplaces are entirely efficient. All of the heat your fireplace produces will stay inside.

An electric fireplace is a good choice for homeowners and renters looking for a fireplace to enjoy this summer. You can easily install it in any room without a professional and turn the temperature up or down. You don’t have to worry about cutting down wood or paying for natural gas or propane. If you buy a new, energy-efficient model, you will hardly notice an increase in your electric bill. Electric fireplaces are becoming more and more popular because of the four benefits along with the attractive displays that new models offer.

The most significant disadvantage of an electric fireplace is that you can’t use it when the power goes out. If you are debating whether to invest in a electric or gas fireplace, contact the hearth experts on our team at Felgemacher Fireplace Shop! We’ve been serving residents in the Buffalo and Rochester areas for more than 60 years.