Give Your Fireplace a Summer Makeover With These Tips
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Ideas for How to Decorate Your Fireplace in Summer

Your hearth can provide a year-round boost of ambiance if you decorate your fireplace in summer. First, have your chimney cleaned by a chimney sweep and spring-cleaning your fireplace. The following are a few of many ideas you may go with to spruce up your fireplace or hearth during the offseason.

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Basic Blooms

If you have a large rustic mantel, hang a vintage-style mirror low above it. Add large blooms such as hydrangeas along with a touch of greenery to a tin flower box and center it on the mantel. The elegance created by the contrast between the blooms and the rustic vase will evoke the breeziness of summer. Inside the fireplace, stack a small bundle of narrow birch logs on the grate.

Bookish Built-Ins

If you love reading and your fireplace is sandwiched between tall built-in shelving, here is a creative idea for decorating your fireplace in summer. Add book covers in the bold shade(s) of your choice to books placed high on the shelves on each side of the hearth. Add a large matching vase on each end of the mantel with tall sprays of flowers that complement the color of the book covers. Strategically add books covered in other bright colors on the built-in. Instead of looking cluttered, the space will reflect style and purpose.

Adaptable 3-Step Mantel Decorating

A basic formula for decorating your fireplace effortlessly is to follow this three-step formula:

Determine a main focal point

A piece of abstract or minimalist art hung low over the mantel could serve as the primary focal point.

Add an anchor that draws immediate attention

Place plants, candles, a fanciful clock, or a favorite ornamentation of yours to one side of the mantel.

Add additional elements for balance

The other end of the mantel should be graced with décor that provides balance to the overall effect. It may add needed height, color, dimension, or shape.

The look can be polished off with elements on the floor of the hearth, such as a decorative basket containing yarn or fabrics in complementary colors and a large ceramic pot containing narrow logs for the clean-swept fireplace.

Spotlight the Screen

Place an eye-catching screen in front of the fireplace that appears to be more artwork than a functional screen. Place two small harmonizing framed pictures of the same size on one end of the hearth with colors that pull the eyes down to look at the decorative fireplace screen.

fireplace decor ideas, amherst nyModern and Outdoorsy

If you have a more modern fireplace that does not have a mantel, hang a large square minimalist painting high above the hearth. Inside the fireplace, arrange a grouping of beautiful logs, including some thick enough to be stools. The logs should fill the fireplace from top to bottom and across in a loose arrangement. Gas fireplace logs come in many different amazing design choices, as well.

Decorate your fireplace in summer, which is the best time to schedule fireplace and chimney services and new fireplace and heating stove installations. Felgemacher Fireplace Shop has provided reliable chimney services since 1953. Call our friendly CSIA-certified chimney professionals today at
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