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Reasons For Choosing An Electric Fireplace

There’s nothing quite like the coziness of a fireplace in your home. But, have you ever dreaded dragging yourself outside in 0 degree weather to grab more firewood? Or wish that you didn’t have to smell like a fire after enjoying one? If you answered yes to either of those questions, you may want to consider an electric fireplace for your home.

Electric Fireplace Installation in Williamsville, NYTop 5 Reasons to Consider an Electric Fireplace

Interested? Read on for more information about electric fireplaces. We’ll outline the most common benefits or reasons to consider switching over to an electric fireplace.

1. Enjoy the same coziness as traditional fireplaces

There’s no question that adding a cozy fire to a winter evening makes for the ultimate comfort. Electric fireplace makes this possibility a reality for homes without fireplaces! Even if you have a fireplace, you can opt for a lower effort fire by installing an electric insert. It’s a simple set up and installation to have reliable electrical fires.

2. Choose from many designs

The design choices for electric fireplaces have expanded throughout the years. You can have a standalone one that plugs into the wall, an insert installed into an existing fireplace, or even an outdoor option if it’s weatherproof. Sleek, modern, rustic — whatever your desired style is, there is likely an electric fireplace to match.

3. More versatile for all seasons

Some electric fireplaces come with the option to turn the heating feature on or off. This means you can enjoy cozy fires all year long if you want. This is a unique benefit of electric fireplaces and can be a selling point if people aren’t interested in using their fireplace as a source of heat.

4. Affordable option

While the initial purchase and install of the fireplace may be a slight expense, moving forward you may find it to be less expensive than traditional fireplaces. You’ll save cost on firewood, but make sure to monitor usage or you may see a bit of an increase on your electric bill. Additionally, you’ll have to pay for less maintenance as there isn’t any residue or dangerous chemical byproduct to take care of.

5. Less maintenance and effort

Similarly, there’s overall less maintenance. Not only will you save time and money, you also will save labor related to firewood.

Simplifire Electric Fireplace Insert in Tonawanda NY

You won’t have to chop wood or leave the comfort of your warm house to go fetch it on a cold winter night.

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If you live in Buffalo NY, Rochester NY, or Charlotte NC and need help with any questions about new electric fireplaces or fireplace inserts, call us today! We can be reached at 716-907-4914. Our chimney experts can answer any questions about new installs or can answer any of your questions about current wood burning fireplaces.

If you have a traditional fireplace, make sure to call for your annual inspection with our National Fireplace Institute-certified chimney sweeps.