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Spring Chimney Inspections & Cleanings

Blooming snowdrops are among the earliest signs of spring in New York, and the flowers have already made appearances throughout the state. With spring comes the tasks involved with spring cleaning, and it only makes sense to include chimneys.

Chimney Services in West Seneca, NYIt has been a mild winter, but the usual winter conditions that wreak havoc on chimney systems have still been in play. The rain and snow exposed chimneys to a lot of moisture—did you know moisture is a chimney’s worst enemy? Also, freeze-and-thaw cycles took a toll on many chimneys. A chimney inspection will reveal any damage that has been done and give you plenty of time to have repairs made before the return of cold weather. With chimney cleaning, the sooty mess in the flue is removed, just as other spring-cleaning tasks restore freshness to your home.

Chimney Cleaning Services

If you use a wood-burning heating appliance in winter, chimney cleaning could make a difference in your enjoyment of summer. That’s because combustion materials don’t exactly have a pleasing fragrance, and the heat and humidity of summer could cause chimney odors to leak into your home. Another immediate benefit is that chimney inspections are more effective if the chimney is cleaned before being inspected. Any chimney professional will tell you that, hands-down, spring is the best time of year to have your chimney inspected.

Why Get a Chimney Inspection?

Spring cleaning is about getting your house in order. To be thorough, that includes the chimney. Only a chimney inspection can provide insights into the condition of the venting system for your masonry fireplace. Many different moisture-related problems can occur without being immediately obvious. Undetected chimney leaks, for example, do damage to rooftops and home interiors every year.

The most important reason to get a chimney inspection, however, is to ensure safety. Chimney flues protect a home and its occupants from house fires and from dangerous leaks of toxic gases. If the flue is damaged even to a small extent, chimney liner repair or replacement is essential. According to every leading fire safety expert in the U.S., chimney inspections should be scheduled annually. Ensuring that the flue is safe for use is a big reason for that advice.

chimney sweep in Rochester NYBeat the Rush

At Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney, we’ve served New York for many decades. There’s a distinct difference in our workloads from one season to the next, and it’s actually something we have in common with reputable chimney sweep companies everywhere. Our work schedules tend to fill up much more quickly toward the end of summer, and we get busier up to fall and on through winter.

Spring is when there is more of a chance you can get your preferred appointment times for chimney cleaning, chimney inspections, and chimney repairs. Less hassle in handling important matters is always a good thing. You can stress less with our trained chimney professionals taking care of your chimney spring cleaning matters at the time of your choosing.

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At Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney, we enjoy keeping homes and families safe by ensuring that chimneys operate properly. We also specialize in the installation of wood and gas hearth products and hearth remodels—activities that are also perfect for spring. Give us a call to ensure that the condition of your chimney doesn’t interfere with enjoying the fresh air of spring nor the cozy fires you look forward to in autumn.