Tracking Down a Chimney Leak Is a Job For The Professionals
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We Can Find the Source of Your Chimney Leaks

Finding the source of a chimney leak can be tricky. It isn’t just a matter of looking up the chimney and spotting the cause of a chimney leak.  Homeowners don’t realize there are many working parts to a chimney.  Professionals in chimney services should do the detection of a leak.  Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney is one of those professionals.

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Take On The Leaks

Locating the origin of a chimney leak is not a do-it-yourself project.  It requires a lot of knowledge, skill, and a head for heights.  Eventually, it will cost less and be safer than repairing it yourself.

When you request the help of a chimney repair company, they will check all the areas that you can see and all the areas you can’t.

Step By Step Chimney Inspection

Chimney repair companies will usually start at the top of the chimney and work their way down.

First, they will check to see if the chimney cap is missing or needs repairing. If the chimney cap is missing, rain has direct access to the lining and the firebox.

Next, they will examine the flashing.  The flashing is the metal wrapped around the chimney to protect both from rain and moisture.  High winds can damage the flashing, a settling house could crack it, or it could have been installed incorrectly by the builder.  If your house is an older home, it’s a good idea to have the flashing inspected annually.

Is the chimney crown cracked?

The pinnacle of the chimney is the concrete or cement covering on the top.  Aside from the chimney cap being damaged, the crown is many times the culprit of leaks.

What does the brickwork or masonry look like?  As the cracks in sidewalks and driveways, the brickwork on the chimney is exposed to the same processes of freezing and thawing.  Given enough time, the elements will take a toll on the outside of your chimney.  If there are significant cracks, your chimney may have to be rebuilt, so it’s a good idea to get your inspections done annually.

Has anyone tried to open or close the fireplace damper?  Despite its name, it is not supposed to be exposed to dripping water.  Is the damper rusty?  Once the flue rusts, it will no longer be safe to use.  Fireplace dampers are expensive and need to be installed properly to function efficiently.

Don’t Ignore Chimney Leaks

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Considering that rain can require numerous chimney leak repairs, what it can do to a home is worse.  Chimneys can leak for months before there is any sign of a problem.  If the rain leaks into an attic, a host of other issues will follow.  Weakened rafters, termites, sagging rooftops, and anything stored in the attic will be at risk of damage.

Have your chimney inspected once a year for your safety and the safety of your home and family.  A professional chimney service company should do any repairs.  Please call us; if there is a chimney involved, we can fix it.

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