The Benefits of Scheduling a Chimney Inspection Before Fall
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Why Schedule a Chimney Inspection Before Fall

Warm summer days are trailing behind and winter is peeking around the corner. To prepare for the coming chill-down, schedule a chimney inspection before fall, you may have heard it said. But why? It’s not merely an annual commercial pitch by industry experts like our CSIA-certified chimney sweeps at Felgemacher Masonry + Chimney. Read on to learn reasons for a chimney inspection before fall related to your safety, your wallet, your valuable time, and hassles you can avoid.

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Considering Your Wallet

Chimney exteriors and chimney flues are prone to deteriorate. Chimney sweep services are needed to prevent small problems from becoming dangerous and/or costly situations. When it comes to chimneys, catching problems earlier rather than later can make a huge difference in the cost of repairs. For instance, quickly stopping moisture intrusion is far more affordable than a chimney teardown and rebuilding to prevent the collapse of the structure.

During basic chimney inspections, chimney experts visibly examine every part of the chimney system that is readily accessible. With their training, they can spot problems that are not blatantly obvious. Deeper levels of inspection include all basic steps plus a video of the full length of the chimney flue. As needed, an inspection can also include a partial teardown of masonry to further examine what appears to be a sign of serious damage.

Putting Safety First

Problems with chimney flues are typically discovered during chimney inspections. When things go wrong with the chimney flue, it puts the safety of your home and family on the line. Whether there is an obstruction in the flue or a crack has developed, the potential danger is an immediate threat. Chimney flue blockage is the cause of thousands of house fires every year.

The chimney flue is a major safety component in every chimney. The primary purpose of the flue is to contain the combustion materials and toxic fumes carried outside the home by the chimney draft. There is great heat inside the chimney flue.

It is essential to stop using your fireplace if the flue has even a small crack in it. The threats created by the deterioration of the flue liner include:

  • Pyrolysis that eventually results in a house fire, and
  • Life-threatening exposure to deadly carbon monoxide.

Beating the Big Rush

If major damage is discovered during a chimney inspection, getting started on repairs before fall will help to ensure that you are ready for the winter season. As proven one year after the other, qualified chimney sweeps crank into their busy season upon the arrival of cool fall weather. It can be more difficult to arrange for a chimney inspection at a convenient time once fall arrives. Scheduling timely masonry repairs can be even more difficult due to the increased demand for chimney sweeps.

Chimney Inspection Lewiston, NYAvoiding Unnecessary Frustration

A chimney inspection may uncover a problem with your chimney cap, or you may not have a chimney cap at all. Chimney caps are essential accessories. They keep out rain, snow, hail, ice pellets, debris, and animals. Precipitation is Enemy Number One for all chimneys. Animals that tend to crawl inside chimneys might as well be dubbed enemies, too, for the problems and frustrations they can cause. If you schedule a chimney inspection before fall, it can help to ensure that your chimney is properly protected by a chimney cap.

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