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Gas Fireplace Inserts

Many Carolinians in Newton, NC, and surrounding Metrolina communities are discovering the advantages of installing a gas fireplace insert for indoor and outdoor home heating. It’s a more accessible and affordable way to upgrade an outdated wood or gas masonry fireplace. Plus, a gas fireplace insert can be installed in homes without a chimney, allowing any family to enjoy the ambiance of a contemporary fireplace with lower energy bills.

Gas Fireplace Insert installation in Matthews NC

Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney’s trained chimney professionals provide direct vent and ventless gas fireplace insert sales, installation, and repair throughout the Greater Charlotte & Mecklenburg County NC-SC region, including Shelby, NC, Concord, NC, and Mooresville, NC.

Gas Fireplaces Insert Benefits in Charlotte, NC

A gas fireplace insert is a self-containing manufactured heating appliance inserted directly inside a traditional wood or gas fireplace opening. Its closed-combustion system burns cleaner and hotter, thus resulting in higher energy efficiency, fewer emissions, and lower utility bills. They also offer many other valuable benefits, including:

Higher Heating Efficiency:

Due to its closed combustion system, a gas fireplace insert radiates over 70 percent of the heat it generates throughout your living space. In comparison, a traditional masonry fireplace only distributes 15 percent of the heat into your living space,
losing up to 85% through the chimney.

Warmer Living Space:

The higher heating output of a direct vent gas insert makes it ideal for use as a primary heating source to lower winter energy bills. A built-in thermostat and remote operation make it easy to operate and maintain the desired temperature setting for your living space.

Lower Emissions:

Whether propane or natural gas, fireplace inserts burn cleaner without the smoke and pollution of a traditional masonry fireplace.

Install Anywhere:

Gas fireplace inserts can be installed in practically any room in the house, like the kitchen, bedrooms, den, and even in an outdoor living space. They are also an affordable heating option for folks that want the ambiance of an authentic fire-burning experience but don’t have a chimney or fireplace.

Gas Inserts: Direct Vent or Ventless

Direct Vent:

A direct vent gas insert works like a traditional fireplace, bringing outside air into the fireplace and distributing the heated air throughout your home. However, its double-pipe system separates the air intake from the exhaust that vents outside the home, preventing heat loss, so your living space stays warm and cozy.


A ventless insert works on the same principle as a space heater. The intake system brings in the cooler air in the home, distributing the heat back into the living space. Since ventless gas inserts also vent the exhaust into the house, an oxygen sensor automatically shuts off the gas to protect your living space from carbon monoxide exposure, ensuring its safe operation in your home.

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Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney of Charlotte is Metrolina’s ultimate source for gas fireplace insert & gas log installations throughout the Greater Charlotte NC Area, including China Grove, NC, Huntersville, NC, and Albemarle, NC. We offer an amazing selection of premium wood-burning fireplace inserts too!

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