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Expert Chimney Rebuilding

Your masonry chimney is a durable structure built for decades of performance. However, the seasonal weather changes in the Carolinas, along with rain, ice, hail, and storms, can accelerate its normal wear and tear, requiring occasional repair. When damage is severe, chimney rebuilding may be necessary so that your fireplace, stove, and other attached heating appliances are safe for use. When your chimney has severe damage, our rebuilding and restoration services will bring it back to life.

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Our skilled masons serve the Greater Charlotte and Mecklenburg County region, including Fort Mill, SC, Denver, NC, and Kannapolis, NC.

Warning Signs Your Metrolina Chimney Needs Rebuilding

Severe chimney damage can result in a partial or complete structural collapse that can cause extensive property damage to your home. So, if you notice any of the following warning signs, contact Felgemacher Masonry and Chimney of Charlotte to schedule a professional chimney inspection as soon as possible.

  • Your chimney is leaning.
  • The foundation is sinking.
  • A white stain covers most of the bricks.
  • Brick spall
  • There are significant gaps in the crown.
  • Extensive masonry damage.
  • Severe cracks are present in the mortar joints.

Complete Chimney Rebuilding Vs. Partial Rebuild

Not all chimney damage requires a complete rebuild. When the masonry damage is limited to the upper portion of the chimney, like the crown, a partial rebuild may be all that you need to restore its structural integrity. However, when the chimney is damaged beyond repair, it will require a complete rebuild. Our skilled masons will demolish the existing structure and rebuild a magnificent brick or stone masonry chimney to match the style and design of your choice.

Chimney Crown Rebuild

The chimney crown is a cement surface at the top of the stack that protects the interior masonry surrounding the flue pipe that vents the smoke and gases from the fireplace or heating stove. However, it can develop cracks in the surface that allow water to leak inside, damaging the chimney's masonry, flue liner, and other sections. Our experienced masons will rebuild the crown, protecting your chimney from future water damage while giving it a stunning appearance.

Smoke Chamber Parging

Many older homes in downtown Charlotte and surrounding communities have a corbeled brick smoke chamber. It is an outdated stair-step design that creates crevices that can trap flammable creosote. Our experienced masons will apply refractory cement to parge the smoke chamber smooth per NFPA-211 and International Residence Code (IRC) standards. Smoke chamber parging will reduce the risk of fire and exposure to harmful fumes and improve draft, increasing heating efficiency.


When homeowners have chimney inspections yearly, we can often detect minor masonry damage and perform chimney tuckpointing to restore the chimney. During the tuckpointing process, an experienced mason scoops out the decaying mortar, refilling the joint with durable material. We can even apply a waterproof sealant to prevent future water damage.

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Chimney Rebuilding Services in Charlotte, NC

Felgemacher Mason & Chimney is Metrolina’s preferred choice for expert chimney rebuilding and restoration services in the Greater Charlotte-Concord Gastonia, NC-SC Metro Area, including Shelby, NC, China Grove, NC, and Wadesboro, NC.

When it is time for you to have a complete or partial rebuild of your chimney, give us a call!


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