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As the largest city in Cabarrus County, North Carolina, Concord is a thriving city with a small- town charm. The city’s new streetscape redevelopment project is bringing new residences and businesses as “the” place to live, work, and play in downtown Concord. Owner-certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America, Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney is proud to be the trusted chimney services provider for inspections, cleaning, and repairs in beautiful Concord, NC, and surrounding communities in the Metrolina area.

Annual Chimney Inspection, Concord NCAnnual Chimney Inspection

Many folks often wonder if annual chimney inspections are necessary, especially since everything seems to be working fine. Since masonry chimneys are porous materials with lots of places where water can leak, scheduling a yearly chimney inspection is essential. You should also call our chimney sweep after a significant weather event like a hailstorm, hurricane, tornado, or flooding to check for any damage.

Water is the chimney’s mortal enemy and can cause extensive damage to the interior masonry, flue liner, and other components when not detected early. A chimney inspection will also let you know it needs to be cleaned.

Chimney Sweep In Concord NC

When was the last time you had a professional chimney sweep clean your Concord chimney? If it has been more than 12 months, you may have excessive creosote accumulating in the chimney. When burning wood in the fireplace, the chemical reaction that causes combustion produces gases and contaminants, including carbon monoxide and creosote. Creosote is a sticky material that adheres to the liner, interior masonry walls, and other chimney sections. It is also highly flammable and the primary cause of chimney fires.

Chimney Liners

Clay or terra cotta is the most common type of chimney liner in North Carolina chimneys. However, these liners will crack, chip, and burst over time due to their age, moisture intrusion, corrosion, or a chimney liner. In the firebox, you may notice bits and pieces of clay material on the floor.

Chimney Liner Replacement, Concord NC

To prevent a fire and carbon monoxide exposure in your home, we often recommend replacing worn terra cotta liners with a UL-listed stainless steel flue liner. It’s a more durable, energy-efficient, and longer-lasting liner.

Chimney Repairs

Some of the routine repairs we perform in Concord, NC, include:

  • Tuckpointing & Repointing
  • Chimney cap installation
  • Chimney crown repair
  • Chimney liner replacement
  • Chimney rebuilding

For your chimney to remain a safe, strong, and durable structure, it is critical to make timely chimney repairs as minor issues arise. So, if you notice that fires are difficult to start or maintain, your fireplace is smoky, there is a burning smell or unusual odor, water in the firebox, or water stains near the fireplace, call us to schedule an appointment so we can fix the issue before more extensive and costlier damage occurs.

Chimney Rebuilding & Masonry

Concord has a lovely mix of older and newer homes. Although many homes have the quintessential masonry chimney, many newer homes are built with builder’s grade manufactured chimneys that require occasional repair. Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney has experienced chimney professionals for every type of issue, from minor masonry repair and tuckpointing to partial and complete chimney rebuilding and restoration for traditional masonry and manufactured chimneys, fireplaces, inserts, and stoves.

Gas Fireplace Insert Installation, Concord NCNew Fireplaces, Inserts, and Stoves – Sales & Installation

Are you tired of wearing a sweater in the house because of a drafty fireplace? Felgemacher Masonry and Chimney will bring our “showroom” on wheels to your door. You will see the latest energy-efficient fireplace inserts, and stoves available for sale and installation. Not only will it enhance your indoor or outdoor living space, but it will significantly reduce winter heating costs.

Chimney Sweep Services in Concord, NC

Our neighbors in Cornelius, NC, Wadesboro, NC, Kannapolis, NC, Mecklenburg County, and surrounding Metrolina communities know they can rely on Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney’s professional chimney sweep services when they need safe, reliable, and accurate chimney inspections, cleanings, repairs. We sell and install new fireplaces, inserts, and stoves too! Contact us today at 704-741-2021 to schedule an appointment with a chimney professional.