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Chimney Sweep in Charlotte NC

Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney is a local professional chimney sweep services provider for chimney inspections, cleaning, and repairs in Concord, NC, and the Greater Charlotte Metro area. You may notice our modern well-marked vehicles in the neighborhood while our professional technicians keep your neighbor’s chimneys, fireplaces, and stoves clean.

Level Two Video Chimney Inspection, Charlotte NCChimney Inspection

A professional chimney inspection is the only way to know whether the stack, vents, and attached heating appliances such as your fireplace, insert, or stove are not a fire or health hazard. In addition, an annual inspection can save you thousands of dollars in unexpected repairs from leaks, water damage, or even a chimney fire! Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney of Charlotte is owner-certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA).

Our chimney sweep professionals are trained to perform all three inspection levels, from the standard level 1 to an advanced level 3 inspection. We also perform level 2 inspections, also known as Real Estate Chimney Inspection. A level 2 inspection is also recommended for homeowners who have not recently had an annual chimney inspection. All chimney inspections follow industry-standard guidelines established by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). After a thorough examination, your inspection report will inform you of any structural issues or recommended repairs.

In addition, our Professional Chimney Sweep® will notify you whether chimney cleaning is necessary to remove flammable creosote, animal nests, pests, and debris. We can often take care of the inspection and cleaning during the same visit.

Chimney Masonry Build, Charlotte NC

Chimney Repairs

When your chimney needs repairs from time to time, the masonry experts and chimney technicians at Felgemacher will do an outstanding job in resolving any issue. Some of the most common repairs we perform in the Metrolina region include:

  • Chimney Cap Replacement
  • Crown Sealing
  • Flue Relining
  • Firebox Rebuilding
  • Masonry Repair
  • Top-Mount Damper Installation

Chimney Rebuilding & Masonry

Walking through Queen City’s neighborhoods is like going back in time with its quaint Victorian, Colonial, and Tudor homes, offices, and retail establishments built more than two centuries ago. Whether you live in a two-hundred-year-old mansion or a newer house, our seasonal weather changes and winter freeze-thaw cycles will take their toll on your beautiful masonry chimney. Our skilled masons and chimney technicians tackle everything from simple masonry repairs and tuckpointing to complete chimney rebuilding and restoration.

Chimney Liners

The chimney liner is often the unseen hero inside the flue, protecting your home and family while everyone enjoys the warmth a fireplace or stove offers. Unfortunately, there are still homes in many downtown Charlotte neighborhoods like the Dilworth, Fourth Ward, and surrounding Metrolina communities with aging clay terra cotta liners.

In most cases, these liners have surpassed their lifespan and are cracking, bursting, and peeling. These gaps and missing flue tiles can allow the intense heat of gas or wood-burning flames to spread to nearby combustible building materials like the attic, ceiling, and roof deck. We typically recommend replacing worn chimney liners with a flexible UL-listed stainless steel chimney liner. In addition to increased fireplace heating efficiency, you will notice it also reduces sooty build-up, making them easier to keep clean and maintain.

Wood Burning Fireplace Insert Install, charlotte ncNew Fireplaces, Inserts, and Stoves – Sales & Installation

Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney has one of the largest selections of energy-efficient fireplaces, inserts, and stoves in the Greater Charlotte NC-SC region.

Call us for sales and professional installation, and we will bring our showroom to your home or office.

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Homeowners in Concord, NC, Cornelius, NC, Mooresville, NC, Newton, NC, Statesville, NC, Rock Hill, SC, Mecklenburg County, and surrounding Metrolina communities trust Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney’s experienced and knowledgeable Chimney Sweeps when they need professional chimney inspections, cleanings, repairs, and new fireplace inserts sales and installations. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a chimney professional.