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Chimney Crown Repair

The chimney crown is an essential component of the chimney system. Its purpose is to guard the chimney against rain, wind, and snow that can damage the masonry, flue liner, smoke chamber, and other components.

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Our chimney crown repair and rebuilding services will help you avoid costlier repairs like a partial or complete chimney rebuild. Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney serves communities throughout the Greater Charlotte-Mecklenburg area, including Wadesboro, NC, Mooresville, NC, and Kings Mountain, NC.

What is the Chimney Crown?

The cement surface at the top of the chimney is the crown. It covers the interior masonry that surrounds the flue pipe. When constructed correctly, it will have a drip edge that prevents rain or snow from dripping down the masonry.

However, if water, rain, or ice collects on the crown surface, it can cause cracks to appear on the surface, requiring repair or rebuilding.

Difference Between a Chimney Crown and Cap

Many people are often confused about the difference between the chimney cap and crown.

A chimney crown is a typically cement surface at the top of the chimney, but the chimney cap is also sitting on top!

The chimney cap is a device that covers the pipe extending through the crown. The chimney cap is much like an umbrella or rain hat that protects the chimney and crown from rain, wind, and snow. We also repair and replace damaged or missing chimney caps.

Chimney Crown Cracks

The crown’s surface is porous, so it is susceptible to cracking from continuous exposure to moisture like rain, snow, and ice. Even tiny cracks can become a big problem. Water leaks can accelerate the deterioration of the masonry walls and other internal components. Cracking can also be due to house settling, foundation issues, hail, and even lightning.

Charlotte Chimney Crown Repair & Rebuilding

Many homeowners in the Carolinas are unaware their chimney crown needs repair until a professional chimney sweep discovers cracks during a routine annual chimney inspection. Our experienced technicians can often repair chimney crown cracks with a CrownCoat™ sealant by ChimneySaver®. It’s a quick and affordable solution for prolonging the life of your chimney, avoiding the need to rebuild the crown.

However, when the crown is severely damaged, rebuilding is often necessary to save the chimney. Our experienced masons and technicians will first remove the original cement cover. Then they will rebuild a stunning high-quality chimney crown with a beautiful drip edge that will protect your chimney from further weather damage.

Preventing Chimney Crown Damage

The two most effective ways to protect the chimney crown are ensuring your chimney cap is secure and scheduling a yearly chimney inspection. The chimney cap is your chimney and crown’s first line of defense to prevent water damage.

So, when you look up at the top of the stack and notice the cap is damaged, loose, or missing, call Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney. Our technician will assess the condition and determine whether the cap needs repair or replacement to prevent damage to the chimney crown.

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Chimney Crown Services in Charlotte, NC

Felgemacher Mason &  Chimney is Metrolina’s top choice for expert chimney crown repair and rebuilding in the Greater Charlotte-Concord-Gastonia, NC-SC Metro Area, including Huntersville, NC, Wingate, NC, and Wadesboro, NC.

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